I found inspiration for my boudoir work from an unlikely source: a photo of my grandmother. More than 60 years old, this elegant black and white image not only shows off my grandmother’s personality, it makes her look like an understated movie star. The clothing and makeup, tastefully applied, give the image a timelessness that make it difficult to date – was it taken a few weeks ago? Twenty years ago?

In an age where we get lost in a sea of digital imagery – most mediocre at best – this printed piece is still proudly displayed on the living room wall of a woman whose life has been filled with adventure and beauty. It is a prized possession.

boudoir photography can inspire confidence and help you connect with your femininity
photo © 1951 Jack Richburg (Houston)

This is what I want to give to my clients – flattering, tasteful images that the grandchildren may someday see and say “wow grandma, you were stunning.” And in the meantime, provide a collection of images you get to enjoy today that help you gain confidence and excitement as you see how beautiful you really are.

My stylist and I host private portrait sessions in a studio in Portland, Oregon for women who come in for all kinds of reasons: to celebrate weight loss goals, create an unforgettable anniversary gift, or even to help mourn relationship changes. High quality photography can be a powerful conduit for healing, life, and restored confidence.

Rates range from $450-1200 per session.


If you’re interested in booking a session and seeing a fuller sample portfolio, please contact me today.

Rachel H

rachel at rachelhadiashar.com

image © Kersten Green Photography


Rachel’s wedding and boudoir work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Boston Magazine, the New York Times, Daily Candy, the Boston Globe, and current.org.


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