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boudoir dates

boudoir photographer BOSTON

If you’re interested in scheduling a boudoir session, I am available on the following days. Sessions take place in the greater Boston area unless noted, but we travel to surrounding areas as well.

26/27 – Akron, OH

still looking for an organizer for a June discounted group session

8 Newport, RI
12-16 Chicago

2-7 NYC or Long Island
11/13 Greenwich, CT
22, 24

11-21 Manchester, England
22-26 San Jose/San Francisco

Email for more information or to check availability.

boston boudoir photography

his response: the boudoir album

Hi Rachel,

I got it !!!!
Since the wedding is Saturday and we have family coming over today I decided to give it to him last night, there are no words to explain the look and smile on his face, he absolutely loved it !!!! He said it is the best wedding gift ever and the he is proud of me for keeping it a surprise because he had no idea !!

THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! It was a lot of fun and the album looks amazing !!! Looking forward to plan the trash the dress shoot !!!!



Tricia and I just finished up another weekend full of boudoir sessions. We photographed some beautiful and sexy women and had so much fun doing it. Each time we do these sessions it gets more and more fun for us.

Boston boudoir photographer

Thanks for being brave, wonderful models ladies. We can’t wait to hear what he says!

best shoes ever.

I love watching the work of my wedding photographer friends around the world.

Are you ready for this? OC photographer Sarah K Chen first posted about these shoes and inspired Serena Grace to get some for her own wedding (as photographed by Mark Brooke above). They come in cream and red and some other crazy colors and I really can’t wait until one of my hot little brides wears them for a bridal, boudoir, or engagement session. You can get them from Endless and some colors are now on sale! Luichiny shoes are wonderful.

boudoir processing day times five

My tush is sore. Do you want to know why? Because it’s been nine hours and I have not moved from my couch with the exception of a brief foray to eat food when my husband came home. I’ve valiantly and enthusiastically overestimated my ability to process through more than 7,000 photos from last weekend! So when my husband went to bed awhile ago and I had to say I could not join him because I was looking at photos of scantily clad women… it made me sad a little bit. And I also laughed a little, too.

Boston boudoir photographer Rachel Hadiashar

So, I am working it to get you gals your sneak peek photos… but it’s taking a bit longer than I anticipated! Love you all. And trust me, it’s worth the wait. These photos are magnificent.