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I’m working on scheduling girls for the bridals project right now, which is tough with my wedding, boudoir photography, and travel schedules… but I got the best email a minute ago from one of my girls and this kind of thing makes everything worthwhile:


Oh, Rachel, I’m SO excited.  Meeting you has been so good for me, my soul, my happiness, my relationship (I can’t WAIT to see his face when I surprise him with your [boudoir] album and beautiful artistic photos!!!), my confidence– my LIFE.  You = so awesome, I can’t even begin to tell you.


boudoir thanks

My husband LOVED the album and dvd. I gave him the album on our wedding night. He was totally speechless… the only words he could manage to say were, “Oh my God, you are SO beautiful.” I showed him the DVD on the first night of our honeymoon. I’m SO glad I ordered the DVD! He watched it every night of our honeymoon! 🙂 Thanks so much to you and Tricia (he thanks you too!)!


boudoir: M.

M is getting married in Jamaica in July and commissioned a boudoir session. She was the first to be in my new studio location and I am thrilled at how natural and beautiful the light stays all day. These two that she gave me permission to post are treated to look funky… but we got an entire slew of really natural, fresh images I am sure he will love!

boston boudoir photography

CT hotel boudoir session

Hey guys! I’ll have a hotel room on July 11 somewhere between Hartford CT and Greenwich CT  (NY border) area. If you’d like to book a boudoir session at group rates on Friday, July 11 or the morning of Saturday, July 12, please contact me ASAP!

Another current promo is for girls who want the privacy and attention of an individual session but want a bit of savings, I am offering the group rate ($50 off individual session rate) to anyone who wants to do a boudoir session in their own house or apartment.

Common complaints are: “I don’t know how I would do it without him finding out” and of course “my house is too messy/ not photogenic” — to which I answer that I can make magic happen in just about any space. We need a bed and couch, and a window. That’s it! I bring in studio background equipment and the skill to make the most mediocre place look like a studio. And we schedule when he’s at work and leave the place looking just like it was before. There’s something special about using your own familiar space for something like a boudoir session. To prove it, we’re giving the group rate on a limited basis for in-home sessions.

a word of thanks


I just went through my album and I am SO HAPPY with how it turned out!!  I think the pictures all look amazing.  It was exactly the amount of sexiness and class that I was going for.  The album quality is really great! Everything you have done was beyond my expectations.  I am so impressed with you and your work, and I will recommend you to anyone I know!

Thanks again for a really great experience!  I can’t wait to give this gift to [him].  I know he will absolutely love it!