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feedback | Boston fearless bridal portraits

I wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE the photos that you put up in my bridals gallery.  I love my wedding photos, but realized after the fact that somehow none were taken of just me or just my husband, and I was really bummed to not have that.  The bridals that you took are absolutely stunning and I’m so grateful to have them to add to my [wedding] photos.  (Looking back, I wish I had thought to find a way to have you at our wedding, along with our photographers)  You just have a way of catching the life, beauty and silliness inside of people and using it to make them even more beautiful on the outside (if that makes any sense?)  Thank you for all of the work that you’ve done, from boudoirs to bridals for myself (and for my husband… he’s equally as grateful)…


holiday boudoir – November 2 | Boston Boudoir photography

We have one last opportunity to get in on a reduced rate Boudoir hotel session this year*! We’re planning a special day of mini-sessions on Sunday, November 2 (with a few slots on Saturday, November 1 if there’s enough interest) at a hotel in the Boston area.

These are unlike our other sessions and aimed specifically at giving a special gift of one or two photos to your man for Christmas this year, whether you are married or not yet. These mini holiday sessions are ideal for women who have been through a full boudoir experience with us previously, or bold women who are up for some hilarious and fun photos. Since each session is so short and lacks the normal ‘warm up’ time, this holiday mini session is probably not for girls on the shyer side who are hesitant about the idea of boudoir… you should schedule an individual session with us for lots of time and attention.

Here are the details:

  • Session fee includes light styling during the shoot.
  • Location is a hotel in the Boston area.
  • One outfit for the shoot.
  • Each session will be 20 minutes long (you can buy two slots if you want an extra ‘look’).
  • Session fee includes a sexy 5×7″ holiday card with the image of your choice.
  • Seasonal wear and holiday trappings are highly encouraged.
  • Email to sign up for a slot.

*We’re still taking a limited number of individual sessions, with the full experience (2 hours, 3-4 outfits, lots of photos and lots of attention) as the holidays approach. Email for scheduling and be sure to ask about the full mergeweddings boudoir experience!

RHODE ISLAND women: we just secured a room at brand new boutique hotel in Providence/Warwick RI (one hour southwest of Boston). We have just a couple of slots for full individual sessions on Saturday, October 4.

boudoir feedback

I haven’t looked at the gallery yet. But I needed to share this with you…
I was slightly disappointed when I got my sneak peek last night because I couldn’t see my face in my picture and I really couldn’t wait to get the rest. This morning J. and I exchanged sneak peeks and I was jealous she got 2 previews! Then I realized your logo was on one of hers and went back to look at mine. The one with your logo I thought was just a plug for your business and I totally didn’t realize it was ME! I totally teared up when I realized it. Its beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for a better gift. What you just did for me in that one moment is, in my opinion, the reason us girls do this. You are amazing.


finally… pictures that I am proud of…

Hi Rachel,

You have no idea how hard it was for me to pick a few pictures for an order; it’s been a few weeks since you posted the pictures and every night I would spend time reviewing and deciding which ones to get.

I absolutely love them !!! Even John is excited, he was talking about how I should frame them and where I can hang it in the house last night !!

Thank you soooooo much again, I finally have bridal pictures that I am proud of showing everyone !!!
Talk to you soon,



boudoir feedback

I do so love them! There were a few in particular that made me gasp, stop, and almost say out loud “I am so pretty!” – what a gift YOU and TRICIA give. Thank you!

I can’t WAIT to see these in “real life.” This has been such an incredible experience. Some of my closest girlfriends know I had this session and I am encouraging them all to do a session with you.