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boudoir – feedback

I love L’s reason for wanting to do a boudoir shoot. She is putting together one of our custom books as a gift for her man, who travels for business. How delicious!

“I would like him to be able to take me in his suitcase with him on the long trips.”


We received this card after doing one of our Rhode Island boudoir sessions:

Dear Rachel and Joyce,

I don’t even need to see the pics before I write you both a thank you note. I know I will be amazed by your talent and artistic view… I have urged all of my friends to do a session with you! Saturday was such an invigorating experience that can not be compared to anything else! Thank you!!!


upcoming boudoir hotel dates

As always, you may schedule a boudoir session at your convenience. We will photograph in your home, in our studio, a hotel, or another location that you provide. We do have some pre-scheduled hotel days where we open up a select number of session slots and provide light styling. Details may vary by location.

April 8, 9, 10 – Providence
May 15, 17 – Providence
June 5, 6 – Providence

April 11 – downtown

May 1, 3 – New Haven
May 22, 24 – Hartford-ish

April 23 – Garden Grove
April 27 – Long Beach

May 29 – Rochester? (pending interest)

To inquire about booking on one of these days, email

Again, we can schedule at your convenience on other days.