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a must read.

I’m busy doing final projects before headed out the door for Bulgaria, but this article made me stop, look, gasp, and nod. It’s the most on-point, grounded, and well-written article I have read on the topic…. and the photographers the author shadows (John and Joseph) are literally the photographers whose work I most admire.

By Cody Ellerd
source: Seattle Bride Magazine

Please pass along this article to any couples you know who are thinking through their options in regard to budget, photography, and their wedding.


Also, related: here’s a blog post I wrote awhile ago about experience and wedding photography. [ Is Experience Necessary? ]

goodbye Tricia!

stylist Tricia Askew

My favorite stylist, Tricia, just moved to Portland with her husband who is a very important doctor who got a very important job. I’ll miss her sweet personality and talented boudoir styling skills. She always brings light into the room. The first image above is from our boudoir session with an editor of Boston Magazine earlier this year.

Tricia Askew stylist in Boston boudoir

Above (August 2008) chilling between styling boudoir sessions on a multi-session hotel day. (Any photographers recognize the red chair with yellow piping? Only used that hotel once!)

Boston Boudoir stylist Tricia Askew

I met Tricia back in February 2007 when she commissioned me to do some headshots. The photos above were my first foray into a world of stylized posing.

Thanks, Tricia! Knowing you has literally changed my life.


boston boudoir photography

I don’t often show much from my boudoir sessions, as the privacy of my clients is of highest concern, and these intimate photos are meant for an audience of one: the beloved.

Images I do post are with the permission of the subject, and usually do not show identifiable face to further protect privacy.

I think human bodies are beautiful.

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