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feedback – boudoir & wedding

“Thank you so much for the beautiful boudoir pictures you took of me… you made me feel so comfortable, and it was so nice how much time you took with me. I was married on June 6, and my husband loved his gift. He couldn’t wait to get back to look at the pictures again! It was the one reason that didn’t make coming home from our honeymoon a complete downer…. thanks!

-J, March 2009 boudoir client

“The photos are amazing!!!! We are so lucky to have you in the family and to have you as our photographer!”

-Haady, July 2009 wedding client (and now cousin)

“The pictures turned out really well.  We are both very happy about them.  Thanks Rachel, good job, four thumbs up! You really captured a lot fun and memorable moments.  Wouter and I looked great despite the fact that we were tired and slept a few hours the night before. Yes we were very smiley and happy, it was adrenaline rush and I was trying not to look tired.  You really made us feel comfortable in front of the camera.”

– Eileen, July 2009 wedding client

“Thank you so much for taking my boudoir pictures. We had a great day and then that night when I gave them to him he flipped! He loves them! (So do I!). Thanks again for everything.”

-T, boudoir client

boudoir: mini-sessions

We’ve opened up a new type of session for our hotel boudoir dates.

A mini-session is a simple, short boudoir session for ONE outfit plus implied nudity. These sessions are ideal for women who want to do something fun and empowering for themselves… or for someone who wants to give a nicer-than-usual anniversary gift to her husband.

Sessions are currently available on the weekend of September 4-7 and weekdays in our studio.

Know someone who might be interested? Please send her our way…

boston boudoir dates announced

August seems to be a popular month for all of you September and October brides to get your boudoir on! Due to the high demand, I’ve opened up my only two free weekends to accommodate the requests. We only shoot a few sessions per day so every woman gets our very best creative energy but I’ll list all the possible spots so you can choose the one that best fits your schedule.

Sunday, August 9 (hotel just NW of Boston)
1:00pm, 3:00, 5:30pm, 7:00pm


Saturday, August 15 (hotel in Cambridge, T-accessible)
12:00, 2:00, 4:00, 6:00pm

Sunday, August 16 (Cambridge)

Our hybrid hotel rate includes light styling and a funky hotel suite for the shoot. Your $100 date reservation fee (toward the total session fee) holds your spot.  Emailto inquire about slot availability… please note that we will be traveling abroad with only intermittent email access for the next 2 weeks, so any inquiries after Wednesday morning, (July 29) will be delayed.