Monthly Archives: September 2009

couture boudoir books

My girl A. just got a huge upgrade on the book for her couture boudoir session from last month! A friend of mine just completed my order for custom book covers in this hot little damask pattern. These come with our “deluxe” boudoir books and let you protect, then undress your book as needed 🙂

boudoir Boston MA

As always, images shown with permission of client.

EVERY woman.

I’ve known about this Lifetime television series for a long time, but Netflix doesn’t seem to have the discs so I have not been able to see it until now. I am convinced that this should be required viewing for every single woman on the planet. The first episode is particularly realistic. (I often find Carson’s television host personality to err on the annoying side, but he does a good job with this.)

Please, take some time to watch How to Look Good Naked. You won’t regret it.

studio session dates open!

Boston boudoir shoot, Lowell boudoir

I’m accepting studio boudoir sessions this holiday weekend. We have added a bed in our private Lowell MA studio space, which is an exciting addition to the urban brick and warehouse feel, and of course the sleek studio black we always offer for studio sessions.

We have a limited number of slots available on the evening of Sunday, September 6 (film noir look) and 11am-4pm on Monday, September 7.

I am open to fine art maternity sessions at these times as well.

Email to choose a time.