Monthly Archives: April 2011

Why did you decide to go for a boudoir session?

“My new year’s resolution was to reclaim the blazing confidence I used to have in years past. He has said before that my confidence is one of the biggest things that attracted him to me… and in recent years, I’ve allowed myself to get a bit discouraged from career shifts and financial struggles. It’s time to embrace the idea that I am strong, talented, and can achieve my goals if I believe in myself! I’m so glad to have the chance to feel comfortable in my own skin with a boudoir session. Sure, it’s a gift for my fiancĂ©, but it’s most importantly an opportunity for ME.”


“I always thought doing a boudoir session would be fun but never came across the opportunity before. The whole time we’ve been dating, he has always asked me for sexy photos. I even broke my camera once trying take sexy photos of myself. haha. This will be much easier!”


Portland boudoir dates announced

I am so happy to share the news that I have found a studio! I am looking forward to having more flexibility in scheduling sessions from here on out, and a wonderful setting for our signature organic and gorgeous boudoir images.

Email me if you would like some more information. Our next Portland hotel booking is on May 27/28 and studio or in-home sessions are available on an ongoing commission basis.

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