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Fifi Chachnil ‘Crazy Horse’

FIFI CHACHNIL ‘CRAZY HORSE’ from LoveHate Productions Ltd on Vimeo.

I like this little advert – it manages to be totally sexy but also cute. French music is charming.

Apparently Fifi Chachnil is a hugely enthusiastic stylist, an unconditional fan of the Crazy Horse, and a devoted artist of the female body. Her aim? To give each woman a feeling for HER own beauty, HER distinctive sensuality. Intellectually curious and inspired, Chachnil has worked with the music business, photographers and film-makers, invariably demonstrating the truth of her essential maxim: “To try to be sexy is to be vulgar”

FASCINATING! (source) duly noted: Le Crazy Horse is a strip club, a type of institution I do not endorse or support.

How to Look Good Naked

I’m so pleased!
How to Look Good Naked is available on Hulu!

how to look good naked

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There’s a US version that only made it one season in 2008 (?), but personally I find US host Carson Kressley more difficult to watch than the Gok Wan, the UK host.


What I love about this show is that it shows REAL WOMEN coming to terms with their bodies and learning to appreciate (and flatter) what they have without going to surgery or manipulative photo retouching to feel desirable. There’s a tangible life difference when you get that self-confidence boost – a ripple effect on relationships and quality of life in general, which leads to confidence and success in all areas. I’ve seen this firsthand in the 100+ boudoir sessions I have photographed over the years.

Of course as a photographer, I love that every episode starts with a woman who basically hates her body, and ends with a confident, nude portrait session. It’s thrilling to hear the women talk candidly about how her life is and will be different moving forward now that she has come to terms with her curves and sensuality. We’re talking about a transformation that literally changes lives.



Gok: How are you feeling inside, honestly?

Sonya:  Quite proud of myself. You know what I’ve learned today, more than anything… the most terrifying thing you can possibly think of doing, if you just do it, it’s never as bad, never ever ever. It kind of releases all this tension in you and you think “actually, I wonder what else I can do in my life?” You don’t actually have to live your life looking in the mirror and thinking “I hate what I see” – you don’t have to do that.

-Sonya (Season 3, episode 1, @ 37:18)