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happy monday!

Hi ladies! I have one more studio Saturday before going out on maternity leave, so if you’re interested in getting some sexy sexy business portraits or boudoir photos, grab one of the spots!

Here’s the info:

Saturday, March 3
9am, 11am, 1pm
friends booking together each receive $50 print credit
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OR if you want to book it out for sexy little business portraits…
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Reserve your time here:

type of shoot
preferred session time

pixel happy monday!


I’m accepting weekday shoots
March 5-9 (11am start time)

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You can also book me out for sexy little business portraits
March 5-9, 11am or 1pm. $325

type of shoot
preferred session time

pixel happy monday!

one of the most terrifying experiences of my life

I love the transition from “this is one of the scariest things I have ever done” to “THAT WAS FUN!”

6872173571 f842b7507e o one of the most terrifying experiences of my lifeboudoir client FB conversation (pre- and post- shoot)

I am about to embark on one of the most terrifying experiences of my life – a boudoir photoshoot… I’m so scared I have no idea why I really agreed to this in the first place. Who knew half-naked photos could induce such terror?” -2/10/12 at 8am

The photo shoot turned out to be FUN. Rachel is amazing at making you feel safe – even when barely clothed. I danced, tossed my hair, and channeled my inner Victoria’s Secret model. Wowza. I didn’t know I had it in me. It was the experience of a lifetime. I totally recommend getting a boudoir photoshoot with Rachel.” -2/10/12 at 1pm



Also… her friend’s advice is super funny. “Bust of luck!” heehee

studio boudoir session sample

A fun boudoir sample session is now available on our facebook page. Click the photo below…

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Margaret’s enthusiasm and joie de vivre comes through strongly in her portrait collection, and I love the way her session illustrates a few very distinct looks you can have during your shoot. Everything from a high couture hairpiece to her partner’s comfy sweater contribute toward a wide range of options for the book she will put together as a gift for her husband.


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WINTER studio Saturdays announced

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I just sent out the monthly studio newsletter but wanted to share with readers that I am opening the studio for three Saturdays this winter before heading out on maternity leave.

January 28
February 18
March 3

Weekdays are always available by request but still require booking ahead.
Session prices for winter 2012 start at $450. Only three spots available on each date.

SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY, LADIES! icon smile WINTER studio Saturdays announced



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Valentine’s Day boudoir

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It’s that time of the year when you start to think about what to do for your spouse, fiancé, partner as a special treat…

How about the gift of boudoir?

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I’m opening the studio for one-hour sessions on Saturday, January 28. Three slots available, early afternoon times. Session cost is $450 (or $950 with the disc of image files). Hair and makeup styling included.

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Real women only please; those with perfect bodies apply elsewhere.

Email me if you’re interested in booking our services.

I’m available on alternate days [weekdays] for private in-home or studio boudoir sessions as well, please email to inquire.

How to Look Good Naked

I’m so pleased!
How to Look Good Naked is available on Hulu!

key art how to look good naked uk How to Look Good Naked

HuluYoutube channel | Wikipedia entry ]

There’s a US version that only made it one season in 2008 (?), but personally I find US host Carson Kressley more difficult to watch than the Gok Wan, the UK host.


What I love about this show is that it shows REAL WOMEN coming to terms with their bodies and learning to appreciate (and flatter) what they have without going to surgery or manipulative photo retouching to feel desirable. There’s a tangible life difference when you get that self-confidence boost – a ripple effect on relationships and quality of life in general, which leads to confidence and success in all areas. I’ve seen this firsthand in the 100+ boudoir sessions I have photographed over the years.

Of course as a photographer, I love that every episode starts with a woman who basically hates her body, and ends with a confident, nude portrait session. It’s thrilling to hear the women talk candidly about how her life is and will be different moving forward now that she has come to terms with her curves and sensuality. We’re talking about a transformation that literally changes lives.



Gok: How are you feeling inside, honestly?

Sonya:  Quite proud of myself. You know what I’ve learned today, more than anything… the most terrifying thing you can possibly think of doing, if you just do it, it’s never as bad, never ever ever. It kind of releases all this tension in you and you think “actually, I wonder what else I can do in my life?” You don’t actually have to live your life looking in the mirror and thinking “I hate what I see” – you don’t have to do that.

-Sonya (Season 3, episode 1, @ 37:18)

Last chance, Portland!

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Woohoo! Take advantage of this one last opportunity to enjoy Rachel’s “I’m new to Portland” boudoir rates. Any sessions booked before 11/30/2011 are at our super unbelievable intro rate; 2012 session fees in our new studio location will start at $500. It’s worth it!

Rachel has photographed over 100 women of all shapes and sizes. Her work has appeared in many established publications, including Boston Magazine, The New York Times, Portland Monthly, and Daily Candy.

To book a 2011 fine art boudoir session with Rachel, email soon before time runs out.
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