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Allow me to indulge in showing a recent photo from our family portrait session with Kersten Green Photography. I spend so much time with my son every week, and even though I don’t distinctly remember the moment, I know that when she took this photo he was kind of mad and uncooperative, and I can tell I was speaking softly and sweetly to him as I do every day when he gets like that. Photos are magic. (And, it also helps to have your hair professionally styled.)


Since I do not offer family photos, I have a few talented friends I do recommend depending upon what you’re seeking. For classic, beautiful images I like Kersten Green Photography. For super Portland, candid, and real photos go to Posy Q. For quirky, funny family photos check out Gwyneth Colleen Photography.

pardon the mess

the blog theme was hacked awhile ago by some dumb robots with links to spam sites, and we’re working to improve the presentation of the information – unfortunately a lot of the image links no longer work and the menus are wonky! so pardon the fact that this isn’t a flashy fancy site at the moment, I have a nineteen month old to go catch….


in the meantime, here is some of the main information you may want to browse.

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