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I just wrote about this in my newsletter to subscribers, but wanted to point out that Lille Boutique (1007 E Burnside, Portland OR 97214) is having an open house tonight and a trunk show tomorrow for Fortnight Lingerie. Here’s some interesting info from the Portland Mercury piece on the show:


Fortnight was founded to rectify a dearth of proper sizing in the lingerie market—a bra from this collection is typically made in 30 or so different sizes as opposed to typical runs of six or eight, according to Remenyi’s estimate. And while the founding principles may come from a practical place, Fortnight styles go above and beyond on design duty, too. Vintage-inspired pieces from the new collection take their names—Lola, Mary Jane, Angie, etc.—from classic rock songs, a genre Remenyi tells me captures the carefree spirit she and the Fortnight team of five (who do everything from design to production to marketing in-house at their Toronto HQ) are constantly striving for.

[Christina] Remenyi feels strongly that wearing properly fitting lingerie is as essential to a woman’s wardrobe as her shoe choice, affecting everything from her posture to her self-esteem. She’s found that there is no consistently reliable size grade for bras, where she says “every millimeter makes a difference.”



I often get asked for recommendations about where to find pieces to wear during a fine art boudoir portrait session. While I encourage clients to shop their closets to outfit the shoot, there is nothing quite like an artistic piece of clothing to add the element of luxury (and surprise) to your boudoir experience.

In this vein, I have recently fallen in love with Portland’s Lille Boutique. I appreciate the quality of photography they display on their site, the beautiful little pieces in their curated collection, and the overall vibe in their two naturally-lit Portland locations. I recommend you stop in for some inspiration and consider supporting this local business to outfit your session.

Sarah Wizemann, Lille’s owner, keeps an interesting blog here and at and is active on twitter @lilleboutique.

lingerie shop Portland oregon
Lille Boutique
1007 E Burnside
Portland Oregon 97214

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