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Valentine’s Day boudoir

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It’s that time of the year when you start to think about what to do for your spouse, fiancĂ©, partner as a special treat…

How about the gift of boudoir?

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I’m opening the studio for one-hour sessions on Saturday, January 28. Three slots available, early afternoon times. Session cost is $450 (or $950 with the disc of image files). Hair and makeup styling included.

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Real women only please; those with perfect bodies apply elsewhere.

Email me if you’re interested in booking our services.

I’m available on alternate days [weekdays] for private in-home or studio boudoir sessions as well, please email to inquire.

Portland hotel boudoir sessions: May 28

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Hey ladies! We have two spots open on May 28 for our spring quarter hotel boudoir sessions.

Session fee includes time for 2 outfits, one 5×7″ print, and a password-protected proof gallery of classic black and white images.

TIMES AVAILABLE on Saturday, May 28:

  • 9:30am
  • 12:30pm


Email to reserve your spot for an in-home or in-studio boudoir session.

((The next Portland hotel boudoir date will be early autumn.))

We also offer in-home and studio space boudoir sessions on an ongoing commission basis.

EVERY woman.

I’ve known about this Lifetime television series for a long time, but Netflix doesn’t seem to have the discs so I have not been able to see it until now. I am convinced that this should be required viewing for every single woman on the planet. The first episode is particularly realistic. (I often find Carson’s television host personality to err on the annoying side, but he does a good job with this.)

Please, take some time to watch How to Look Good Naked. You won’t regret it.

boudoir: mini-sessions

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We’ve opened up a new type of session for our hotel boudoir dates.

A mini-session is a simple, short boudoir session for ONE outfit plus implied nudity. These sessions are ideal for women who want to do something fun and empowering for themselves… or for someone who wants to give a nicer-than-usual anniversary gift to her husband.

Sessions are currently available on the weekend of September 4-7 and weekdays in our studio.

Know someone who might be interested? Please send her our way…


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I don’t often show much from my boudoir sessions, as the privacy of my clients is of highest concern, and these intimate photos are meant for an audience of one: the beloved.

Images I do post are with the permission of the subject, and usually do not show identifiable face to further protect privacy.

I think human bodies are beautiful.

For booking information or to schedule a boudoir portrait session, email!

hotel boudoir

Hey working gals… I have one last weekend date available for this year for a full couture boudoir session in time for the holidays. I have a Sunday reservation at a swanky Boston hotel, one of my favorite stylists available, and we’re offering a full session if you’re available for our date and time (or two friends can book together and each save $50). The first woman to be in contact with me by noon tomorrow will be able to take advantage of this offer.

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back and white. | Couture Boudoir | Rhode Island boudoir

2970156375 f905136694 o back and white. |  Couture Boudoir | Rhode Island boudoir

I am so happy to introduce our new Couture Boudoir session, our full boudoir experience for Boston and Rhode Island women who want an artful collection of images to share with their groom.

Sessions start at $350/400 in your home or a boutique hotel, and are available on a limited basis. Session includes a roll of analog black and white square prints.

Email to check on availability for 2009.

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