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feedback… not contrived but is very honest.

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks trying to keep my head above the water with all the cute familes and multiple portrait sessions for the holidays. I’m currently pulling an all-nighter until I get some photos up for Thomas and Kristin, my delightful final Boston wedding.

Glancing at email just now, I noticed a thoughtfully-written inquiry for a 2010 wedding. The mother of the bride wrote to me to ask about my availability and consideration. It’s obvious this woman grew up in a pen and ink culture.  I want to share a small part of her message, because this made my week feel special.

“I have recently viewed your website gallery and admire your work very much…

“I referred my daughter to [a recent couple]’s gallery and she was equally impressed. We’re very attracted to your style as it is not contrived but is very honest. You are able to capture the beauty and joy in your couples and their families. My daughter is planning a wedding for September 2010. We are interested in securing you as the photographer for her wedding.


“Thank you for the courtesy of considering our offer.  I look forward to hearing from you.”

There is much more to her message, but this snippet is the perfect reminder that good photography is real and honest and beautiful because it is true. It can be soul-draining as a photographer to receive email after email from price shopping brides and others who are not looking so much at the quality of work as the quantity in a package. If I had five dollars for every time I was questioned about the pricing of my work, a carefully considered cost, I could probably retire wealthy next year.

Thank you so much to those of you who take the time and effort to share a bit of your heart and breathe words of life back to the artist.

feedback – boudoir & wedding

“Thank you so much for the beautiful boudoir pictures you took of me… you made me feel so comfortable, and it was so nice how much time you took with me. I was married on June 6, and my husband loved his gift. He couldn’t wait to get back to look at the pictures again! It was the one reason that didn’t make coming home from our honeymoon a complete downer…. thanks!

-J, March 2009 boudoir client

“The photos are amazing!!!! We are so lucky to have you in the family and to have you as our photographer!”

-Haady, July 2009 wedding client (and now cousin)

“The pictures turned out really well.  We are both very happy about them.  Thanks Rachel, good job, four thumbs up! You really captured a lot fun and memorable moments.  Wouter and I looked great despite the fact that we were tired and slept a few hours the night before. Yes we were very smiley and happy, it was adrenaline rush and I was trying not to look tired.  You really made us feel comfortable in front of the camera.”

- Eileen, July 2009 wedding client

“Thank you so much for taking my boudoir pictures. We had a great day and then that night when I gave them to him he flipped! He loves them! (So do I!). Thanks again for everything.”

-T, boudoir client

boudoir – feedback

I love L’s reason for wanting to do a boudoir shoot. She is putting together one of our custom books as a gift for her man, who travels for business. How delicious!

“I would like him to be able to take me in his suitcase with him on the long trips.”


We received this card after doing one of our Rhode Island boudoir sessions:

Dear Rachel and Joyce,

I don’t even need to see the pics before I write you both a thank you note. I know I will be amazed by your talent and artistic view… I have urged all of my friends to do a session with you! Saturday was such an invigorating experience that can not be compared to anything else! Thank you!!!


boudoir – feedback (books!)


I just wanted to let you know that [he] absolutely loved the accordion style photo album that we made.  He was so surprised and totally appreciated the gift.  (His first question was “who took these?”)  Also, thank you so much for the 8×10 mounted photo you sent!  I love it and [he] said that I look like an Hermes model in it!  I’ve recommended you to all my girlfriends so hopefully you will get some calls.  Thank you again!


Just wanted to let you know that he LOVED the book! He couldn’t have been more shocked! Thanks again for everything – I’m so glad I went with the 20 shots and love the peek-a-boo cover that you included.


Hi Rachel,

I received the album and it is beautiful! I love how the images have a silver tone to them. I was able to give it to [him] on Valentine’s day so it worked about perfectly! He loves it and thinks your images are very artistic and lovely.

Thanks so much again for everything and hopefully when I’m engaged/married you can do pictures for us.



We are now booking spots for our boudoir hotel sessions on April 3 & 4 in BOSTON. Email for more info.

boudoir feedback | MA boudoir

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks here as we prepare for Valentine’s Day… we’ve been doing boudoir sessions with some really wonderful and inspiring women.  We spent the weekend in Rhode Island doing a hybrid hotel date where we book a hotel room and provide styling, and then did a few more studio sessions yesterday in our Lowell studio space. I’ve already heard back from one of the women:

“Wow.  Rachel…seriously!  I can’t believe some of those images!!  Is that really me?  Just awesome…thank you, thank you, thank you…this is such a wonderful gift for me – forget about [him]!  I’ve been told my whole life (usually by strangers, who can be so mean) that I look like “a little kid”.  These pictures will serve to remind me that I am, in fact, a woman.  I’m definitely recommending you to anyone who will listen – I really think every woman should do boudoir at LEAST once in their life…and not for anyone but themselves.  “

The woman who was the most inspiring to me recently is a lovely lady who has been working up a special dance for her husband for a sexy Valentine’s Day surprise – and took exotic dance classes from Gypsy Rose in Boston (whom she recommends). It was amazing to see someone come into the studio who has been married for 15 years keep the sexy alive in such an intentional and wonderful way. He is one lucky husband!

On another note, I’m really looking forward to seeing what the press has to say about boudoir since it’s being picked up on so many channels lately. I remember when the media picked up on “trash the dress” sessions in 2007 and we saw it everywhere from hometown newspapers (note to self: subscribe to the Lowell Sun) to NBC.  I think boudoir is going to do the talk show circuit soon. (Wait… is that a good thing?)

One of the things I like to emphasize as boudoir is being opened up to the wider public is that we go for a more natural approach to our Boston-based boudoir work. Some studios are heavy on the retouching and change subtle things about your body to make the photos more universally “pleasing.” Our whole thing is that you are beautiful as you are, without being modified.  We do encourage styling for the shoot (professional makeup, cute outfits, etc.) but want the images to be realistically wonderful.  Flattering posing, beautiful light, and a dose of confidence can show us how sexy you are… naturally. The quote above emphasizes this fact.

Thank you to all of our Boston and Rhode Island boudoir women who have been a huge source of inspiration and encouragement to us. It takes courage to step out of your normal routine and trust someone with a camera to document your body… we don’t take this responsibility lightly!

boudoir – feedback

Feedback from recent boudoir sessions:

Hey Rachel!

I ended up giving him the bpix as a belated birthday gift.  He absolutely loves them, and still can’t believe that they were taken in our apartment. His jaw nearly dropped when I pointed out the kitchen table as part of our many settings!

He looks at the pictures every day.  In fact, the black and white close up you had taken of me in the polka dot dress is currently sitting on his desk at work.  Two of the 5x7s are on his night stand & dresser.  We still need to figure out what to do with the outrageous 8×10 of the black and white full length shot of me on the table!  That image is extraordinary!  It’s breath taking.

Thanks again for helping me to surprise him.  You made me feel so comfortable, and at the same time…be able to help me recreate one of his many fantasies.

The only catch is that he wants input on my next session!  He’s so spoiled!

Wow! There are some incredible shots here!!! […]

I love them, and I’ll let you know soon which book and which photos I’ll go with for his most original Christmas present ever!




Thank you! All I can say is WOW. You were so good at making me feel comfortable and it shows. Also, the lighting and composition is just great. Thank you for putting so many into black and white for me. I think [two specific images] are just phenomenal (if I do say so myself). […]

After seeing these photos, I’m really hoping you hold mini-sessions every year so this can be an annual gift for hom… and I’m also pretty sure that I’ll be able to convince some friends to come with me next time.