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EVERY woman.

I’ve known about this Lifetime television series for a long time, but Netflix doesn’t seem to have the discs so I have not been able to see it until now. I am convinced that this should be required viewing for every single woman on the planet. The first episode is particularly realistic. (I often find Carson’s television host personality to err on the annoying side, but he does a good job with this.)

Please, take some time to watch How to Look Good Naked. You won’t regret it.


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I don’t often show much from my boudoir sessions, as the privacy of my clients is of highest concern, and these intimate photos are meant for an audience of one: the beloved.

Images I do post are with the permission of the subject, and usually do not show identifiable face to further protect privacy.

I think human bodies are beautiful.

For booking information or to schedule a boudoir portrait session, email!

upcoming boudoir hotel dates

As always, you may schedule a boudoir session at your convenience. We will photograph in your home, in our studio, a hotel, or another location that you provide. We do have some pre-scheduled hotel days where we open up a select number of session slots and provide light styling. Details may vary by location.

April 8, 9, 10 – Providence
May 15, 17 – Providence
June 5, 6 – Providence

April 11 – downtown

May 1, 3 – New Haven
May 22, 24 – Hartford-ish

April 23 – Garden Grove
April 27 – Long Beach

May 29 – Rochester? (pending interest)

To inquire about booking on one of these days, email

Again, we can schedule at your convenience on other days.

Boston Magazine | Boston BOUDOIR!

I’m a longtime reader of Boston Magazine, so I am thrilled beyond words that the April 2009 issue hit shelves and mailboxes around the metro yesterday, and the online articles made an appearance today [link].

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Rachel Baker, editor at Boston Magazine, came in for a boudoir studio shoot as she was preparing for her article about Boston boudoir. She writes the “Fashion Masochist” column for the magazine, a regular piece I appreciate for its humor and wit.

To be honest, I’ve not had many positive experiences with publications – they often seem to take quotes and material out of context to suit their own spin – and one even went so far as to use an incorrect business name! Naturally, I was nervous to see what Rachel would have to say in her write-up.

Luckily, the feature is all positive – with a side dig at the fact that I don’t airbrush my photos (*). So, yay!

3403439606 44cda6489a Boston Magazine | Boston BOUDOIR!

Kind of related, but on a different subject, Catherine just sent me a link to this rant about the celebrity “sexy face.” Ha! [ link ]

[ link to the article at bostonmagazine.com ]