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Boston boudoir dates announced | September & October 2010

We’re so excited to be bringing our very popular hotel boudoir sessions back to Boston, MA and Rhode Island. Even though my husband and I have relocated to Portland, Oregon I will be spending a few weeks in new england and have opened up as much of my time as possible for our boudoir clients!

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Dates: September 22-October 9, 2010
Location: hotel, studio, or your own home (Boston, MA and Providence, RI)

To reserve your preferred date and time, email to ask any questions you might have. Friends wanting to book out three slots in one day will each receive an additional $100 product credit (hotel or individual sessions).

Note: Images are never shared without full permission of the client.

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Rachel specializes in elegant black and white images of women of all ages and all sizes. Her work is tasteful, natural, and brings out the best in the women she photographs. She has been recognized by Boston Magazine and Daily Candy as one of Boston’s premiere boudoir photographers.


Many women choose to give a boudoir folio to their husband as a gift on the wedding day or anniversary, though increasingly our clients schedule these sessions to celebrate milestones such as pregnancy, weight loss goals, career changes, or other celebrations of independence and life.


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I don’t often show much from my boudoir sessions, as the privacy of my clients is of highest concern, and these intimate photos are meant for an audience of one: the beloved.

Images I do post are with the permission of the subject, and usually do not show identifiable face to further protect privacy.

I think human bodies are beautiful.

For booking information or to schedule a boudoir portrait session, email!

boudoir in the news!

I’m so happy to see that boudoir is getting some attention in the press! MSNBC has a piece out right now, timed for valentine’s day.

The first group photo with the featured photographer looks a little dumb, but a few in the gallery were ok. I also liked a few images throughout the story… something about the one with all the bows was pretty cute for a seasonal shoot.

[ link ]

Sorry though – I won’t “change the shading of your body with an effect that makes it look like you have more abdominal muscles than you do” – I prefer a more natural approach to the work!  With a combination of flattering poses, cute outfits, and a safe place to be themselves, our boudoir clients have all been pleasantly surprised to see their photos… sans airbrushing.

Couture Boudoir dates announced | Rhode Island Boudoir + Boston Boudoir

Hey you MA and RI women… 2008 was a fantastic year!
I am thrilled to now have some boudoir dates set up for early 2009.

  • January 24
  • February 7
  • March 14

Join us for a couture boudoir session in one of our favorite hotels outside of Boston, take advantage of the hybrid rate… which includes styling and be prepared to simultaneously knock him off his feet and be blown away by your own gorgeousness.

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About our boudoir sessions – we tailor the photo session to your own preferences and comfort level. You can choose arty boudoir noir (like those above) or pinup-style posing or fun, flirty and natural images. It’s up to you!

2009 hotel sessions booked this upcoming week (that means before 11:59pm on Monday, December 22) are eligible for a specialrate – $50 off the hybrid comissioning fee  – and receive a holiday card (“naughty or nice?”) to tip him off about the belated holiday gift or birthday gift.

MEN. If you are reading this, why not gift your fiancée or wife with a portrait session? You may or may not know quite what boudoir is, but basically the women we photograph in these intimate portrait sessions end up liking the photos as much or more than the men they gift with the photos. Treat her to a custom portrait session — we’re only young once!

Email to get in on the action.