March 31, 2009

Boston Magazine | Boston BOUDOIR!

I’m a longtime reader of Boston Magazine, so I am thrilled beyond words that the April 2009 issue hit shelves and mailboxes around the metro yesterday, and the online articles made an appearance today [link].

Boston boudoir photographer Rachel Hadiashar

Rachel Baker, editor at Boston Magazine, came in for a boudoir studio shoot as she was preparing for her article about Boston boudoir. She writes the “Fashion Masochist” column for the magazine, a regular piece I appreciate for its humor and wit.

To be honest, I’ve not had many positive experiences with publications – they often seem to take quotes and material out of context to suit their own spin – and one even went so far as to use an incorrect business name! Naturally, I was nervous to see what Rachel would have to say in her write-up.

Luckily, the feature is all positive – with a side dig at the fact that I don’t airbrush my photos (*). So, yay!

Kind of related, but on a different subject, Catherine just sent me a link to this rant about the celebrity “sexy face.” Ha! [ link ]

[ link to the article at ]


  • I thought it was a great piece, but I did pause at the “airbrush” comment … I didn’t think it was a dig though, just the standard subject insecurity. And who’s airbrushing digital images anyway, it’s terrible for your monitor : )

    Nice Work … can’t wait to see it in print!

  • Congrats on the article! Great photo too!!! I can totally tell what one is yours!

  • I thought the article was very flattering of your work! It’s wonderful to see all the good things people say about you so I don’t feel like it’s just me being a mumsy – I KNOW you are awesome and it’s not just cause I’m your mom! Of course (wink, wink) I have a clue where the gift you have came from – well maybe just a little bit – well humor me and let me think that anyway.

    Your best fan,

  • oh, i love it when mumsy shows up!

    and, i don’t know how to say this… but… you’re kind of a big deal.

  • Awesome piece of press for you, Rachel. Keep hustling!

    I read the airbrushing comment as sarcastic, especially with the praise for the finished work.

    Also, when your parents leave comments on your blog, it is natural to feel weird. But you get used to it. 🙂


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