"First of all, Rachel is an amazing photographer. She shot our wedding and I loved the photos so much, when I heard she did boudoir shoots as well I signed up right away. I knew I was going to get a quality product.  It was a super laid back session and I felt comfortable every step of the way. Rachel has a great way of bringing out the best in you."

“Thank you again so much for making a shy girl feel good about herself and having it come through in these photos."

"You just have a way of catching the life, beauty and silliness inside of people and using it to make them even more beautiful on the outside”

“You know, that was such an amazing experience I could care less if I ever even see the pictures!”

“I’m really excited about the pictures. They came out exactly how I pictured them. They are so tasteful.”

“Wow.  Rachel…seriously!  I can’t believe some of those images!!  Is that really me?  Just awesome… thank you, thank you, thank you… this is such a wonderful gift for me – forget about [him]!  I’ve been told my whole life (usually by strangers, who can be so mean) that I look like “a little kid”.  These pictures will serve to remind me that I am, in fact, a woman.  I’m definitely recommending you to anyone who will listen – I really think every woman should do boudoir at LEAST once in their life…and not for anyone but themselves."

"My fiancé was extremely shocked and happy. He said his face hurt from smiling all day and night. Everything looked great and I thank you for going the extra mile… I have already told all of my girlfriends about the experience and I recommended it to all of them!

“Thank you so much for the beautiful boudoir pictures you took of me… you made me feel so comfortable, and it was so nice how much time you took with me. I was married on June 6, and my husband loved his gift. He couldn’t wait to get back to look at the pictures again! It was the one reason that didn’t make coming home from our honeymoon a complete downer…. thanks!“

“I love the honesty and internal beauty that comes through in your work.”

“I love your work, Rachel. You elevate photos beyond the realm of static predictable pictures to a level of artistry. Truly beautiful work!”

"Your style is not contrived but is very honest. You are able to capture the beauty and joy in your subjects.”

"Hey Rachel, I just wanted to say thank you again for a great photo shoot yesterday! We had a great time. I can’t believe how comfortable you made us feel, that was amazing!! We can’t wait to see the pictures… I can’t wait to give this gift to my husband!!"  

“I just wanted to say thank you. I was a little nervous doing the photos but you made it a lot of fun. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and I totally want to do it again later."

“My husband is extremely romantic and compassionate. Although I am not very pleased with my body, he loves it… and I know he will think this is the most awesome thing I could give him.”

“I finally got him out to dinner last night (part of his belated birthday present). I chose a private table in the corner and showed him the pictures. He was blown away! He could not believe if was me… he was quiet for awhile and said thank you a million times. He wanted to show the waiter… it was funny. He said ’Never in a million years would I ever have thought you would have done this for me.”

"I can’t tell you how much this means to me and how much I needed that boost of self-confidence.”

“I am typically a self-conscious and conservative person who does not like to be in the spotlight. Rachel and her assistant were great at helping me get out of my comfort zone, giving a good amount of instruction and laughing with me when I felt silly but also encouraging me all the way through. Even before the shoot, I had so many questions that Rachel was great about answering – what sort of outfits to wear, what sort of colors to pick, ideas for props or special items, etc. The best feeling was after the shoot – I felt incredibly empowered and confident. I gave the book to my husband on our wedding day – he was amazed and proud that I had the pictures taken, especially knowing my personality. I think that made the book even more special for him! We both loved how the books turned out – all the way down to the packaging that Rachel used. Everything was high quality and with a very timeless style.”

“Return to loving your body and embracing your divine sexiness with a boudoir session by Rachel Hadiashar. Rachel made me feel at ease and comfortable which allowed me to embrace my sexiness – something I didn’t fully recognize was within me until our boudoir session. I LOVE the photos and will cherish them for a lifetime.”

“Looking at my boudoir portraits my first thoughts are: they were supposed to be a wedding gift for my husband-to-be… but in the end it was a gift for both of us!

I was surprised to see that side of me. The pictures were so beautiful, I still look at them and feel the same pride!! They are my ego booster!! And of course my husband loves them !!!!”

“Rachel is the best photographer I have ever encountered! She can make anyone look good! Rachel is most certainly an artist, and she makes it fun!”

“Wow. I didn’t expect that to be fun.”

“Rachel doesn’t just have a fabulous, artistic eye; she has a friendly, comfortable demeanor that puts you at ease almost instantly.
Spending the day with Rachel is like hanging out with a funny, cool, and ridiculously talented friend. And then you get amazing photos. A double win!”


“When I need a reminder that I am vibrant, courageous, and beautiful, I look through my boudoir photos.
Oh, yeah, and my husband likes them too!”

– Amanda

Here’s a boudoir client’s facebook posts

pre-session she wrote:
I am about to embark on one of the most terrifying experiences of my life – a boudoir photoshoot… I’m so scared I have no idea why I really agreed to this in the first place. Who knew half-naked photos could induce such terror?” – Feb 10  at 8am

After the session, she wrote: “The photo shoot turned out to be FUN. Rachel is amazing at making you feel safe – even when barely clothed. I danced, tossed my hair, and channeled my inner Victoria’s Secret model. Wowza. I didn’t know I had it in me. It was the experience of a lifetime. I totally recommend getting a boudoir photoshoot with Rachel.” -Feb 10  at 1pm