Photographer Rachel Hadiashar
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I take portraits of brilliant people being fancy

I found inspiration for doing boudoir and glamour work from an unlikely source: a photo of my grandmother. Now 70 years old, this elegant black and white image not only shows off my grandmother’s personality, it makes her look like an understated movie star. The clothing and makeup, so tastefully applied, give the image a timelessness that make it difficult to date – was it taken a few weeks ago? Twenty years ago?

In a time of endless digital imagery, that singular printed portrait of my grandmother was proudly displayed on the living room wall. She was a woman whose life was truly filled with adventure and beauty and it became a prized possession. Incredibly, in a household full of original art and treasures, that portrait of her was the one thing that every one of her daughters and granddaughters wanted to remember her by when she had moved beyond earth.

I wish for every woman to have a portrait she will hang on the wall with pride. An image that her family considers an icon of a powerful and unique person. A symbol of a life well considered and boldy grasped.


xoxo, Rachel

“Rachel doesn’t just have a fabulous, artistic eye; she has a friendly, comfortable demeanor that puts you at ease almost instantly.

Spending the day with Rachel is like hanging out with a funny, cool, and ridiculously talented friend. And then you get amazing photos. A double win!”


Portland, Oregon