Brilliant photos for brilliant people

Brilliant photos for brilliant people

Custom portraits for innovative nonprofit & arts organizations

Level up your image in the community with compelling photos that are as distinctive as your own work.

Custom portraits for innovative nonprofit & arts organizations.

Your team works incredibly hard to serve the community. The results you achieve are remarkable. Your artists are exceptional. And you want the community to recognize that even before they directly encounter your work.

But right now, your photos lack lustre.

You may not have the big budget that some organizations have for complete marketing teams. And you want to steward your available resources wisely. If you are like many of the nonprofits I talk to, you have relied on in-house talent, a friend of someone on the board to shoot your photos. Or you’ve been working with that affordable photographer you first talked to in the early years of your organization. But deep down, you know your photography does not truly reflect the value of your organization. 

It’s time for your value to shine through.

When you use the right photos to represent your organization, the viewer will instantly  FEEL what you stand for – and recognize your particular artist voice & community impact.

Start with the Executive Director and Music Director, then work through the organization from there. 

Through curiosity and playfulness I am able to coach each person into real expression. I will guide your team to create fresh, beautiful portraits that appeal to your audience.


I have training in classical music, graphic design, and sociology mixed with 15 years of business ownership. 

Fun & Comfortable

One of the things that makes me stand out from other photographers is I take my time and get to know the client beyond the surface level.


My bright space in Sherwood is ready to be personalized to your needs though use of a prop closet, unique backdrops, and special set buildouts.


My team and I become your team, from professional grooming to style consultation and ending with polished final images to amplify your message.


Most people get to the end of our time together and don’t want to leave!

Bring in Rachel!

And help your organization step boldly into the future.