Prep Guide


You did it - you’re booked in for a beauty or boudoir session! Now you might be thinking, what did I get myself into? There’s a lot that goes into a portrait experience and it can seem overwhelming. Here’s a guide to help you when prepping for your shoot - you can leave the rest up to us!


If makeup and/or hair styling is included in your package, please arrive with a clean face and dry hair. It’s always helpful to do a light exfoliation on your face, even just with a washcloth. Let the makeup artist know if you have any sensitivities, and feel free to bring some inspiration photos for your makeup look.

Use clear deodorant & moisturize your body before your session.

Don’t forget to eat something and drink lots of water the day before.

A good night’s sleep will ensure you are refreshed for your photoshoot.


My stylists Maggie and Kerrin suggest:


  • Hydrate LOTS before shoot (makes skin glow).

  • Exfoliate weekly for the best makeup results.

  • Moisturize (even if it’s drugstore CeraVe).

  • Wash and blow out your hair the day before your session with a mousse or gel to build a foundation. Super clean hair won’t hold as well.

  • If you have eczema or sensitivities to specific makeup/brands, let us know before the session so we can be sure to be prepared.

  • We suggest not waxing your brows or receiving an “out of the ordinary” facial any closer than 3 days prior to your photo session.


I firmly believe your body is JUST FINE the way it is (lumps and bumps included!), but I will say that Spanx or other shapewear help clothing drape nicer on your body, which in turn helps the photographs look even more glamorous. Ensuring that you have the right undergarments for the lines of your clothing goes a long way in the style department.



For your session we do not recommend a spray tan if you haven’t had one done before as it will affect how your skin tone will photograph. You should also stay out of the sun to avoid any burns before your session! Retouching of streaks, tan lines and sunburns is not included in the retouching but available for an extra charge.



Your feet won’t be in many of the photos but a good shoe with a little lift does amazing things for calf muscles and posture. If you’re more of a barefoot person, that’s ok too! You don’t have to go out and buy new shoes or anything.


Having freshly trimmed and coloured hair and eyebrows done – if that’s your thing – will make you feel like a supermodel during your session!



If you normally do your nails, get a manicure and pedicure before you session (or DIY at home). Your hands and feet will show in some of your images and we don’t want chipped polish!



Think about what jewelry you might wear-  it’s good to think about if you have any sentimental, heirloom, locally made, or just plain exciting jewelry you might like to integrate into the session.


Please arrive on time for your appointment; if you arrive early, we are probably still setting up or  may still be with another client. Late arrival may be deducted from your session time.

TIMELINE: Hair and makeup will take approximately 1 hour so come prepared to be pampered for a while! Your portrait session itself will take 2 to 3 hours.

The date reservation fee for your session is non-refundable and there is a $100 rescheduling fee; Please allow as much notice (minimum of 3 days) for rescheduling requests as possible, as studio changes affect many people who help make our sessions magic (photographer, stylist, assistant).

How would you like to be photographed?

I would invite you to pull together a vision board on Pinterest with some inspiring images-  colors, clothing ideas, poses you love, and a general vibe. This can help inform styling decisions on set and help me to make a creative plan for our time together.  Here’s a starting place- Rachel’s board.

Send me your link once you’ve started, I’d love to see what looks you’re enjoying.

Who would you like to be photographed with?

It is with great joy we invite loved ones and special friends to come into the studio to join us for a small portion of your session time.  Is there someone in your life with whom you’d like to have portraits? Let’s invite them to join us.

Usually this happens the last 20 minutes of your session… it’s not a big thing- but maybe it IS a big thing? We could grab a couple of photos of you and your best friend dressed eccentricly together or you and your granddaughter in a timeless embrace. We could invite your partner to come bask in your confident glow… or maybe it’s been a decade or two since your sister and you have been together in a photo.

Consider whether you would like to add someone in… and then it’s the perfect excuse to go grab lunch together after the session while you look so put-together!