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Tonia Martin, 54

Tonia Martin, 54 “There is nothing that I cannot overcome.” Oregon Photographer Rachel Hadiashar interviewed Tonia Martin in 2021 at the age of 54 at the studio in Portland, Oregon.

“There is nothing that I cannot overcome.” A lover of family, friends, and riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle with her husband, Tonia loves filling her life with adventure and surrounding herself with people she loves. Tonia and her husband love to travel, scuba dive, and spend time with their cats.

Shauna O’Neil, 50

Shauna O’Neil, 50 Shauna O’Neil at age 50

“I don’t need to please others. I just need to do what is right and speak my truth with kindness.” “I strive to find peace and joy no matter where I am. And when I stop feeling those things, I move on.” Dedicated to her children, faith, and community, Shauna is selflessly devoted to those […]