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Sherri Beach, 57

Sherri Beach, 57 Sherri Beach at age 57

‘True peace is possible within ourselves. All decisions are made out of love or fear. Choose love.’ Sherri’s most cherished possession is her soul’s happiness and purpose. She has become literate in this life lesson along the path of life, with the great achievement of continual enlightenment and awareness. Sherri has a passion and ambition […]

Stephanie Parish, 50

Stephanie Parish, 50 Stephanie Parish at age 50

“I was taught that I needed to look a specific way or wear makeup or fit in with societal beauty types. I went from sneaking makeup and putting it on at my friends house before school (took A LOT of work!) to finding college life had no place for that kind of detail and decided […]

Margaret Auffert, 59

Margaret Auffert, 59 “Now I've learned to accept my wrinkles as a road map of life.” Margaret Auffert was photographed in 2022 at the age of 59, in Portland by Photographer Rachel Hadiashar.

“Now I’ve learned to accept my wrinkles as a road map of life.” Margaret hopes the world views her as beautiful both inside and out, with a heart and actions of honesty. She perceives the outward wrinkles acquired with time to be a roadmap of her life. While she believes her generation is associated with […]

Danette Buchanan, 64

Danette Buchanan, 64 Danette Buchanan at age 64

“Advanced age has brought out the beauty I didn’t recognize when I was younger.” ‘Freedom to truly be yourself. Watching your ancestry come alive in real-time through your children, grandchildren, and greats. Realizing that now you are the matriarch and you carry the mantle with pride!’ For Danette, those are the best rewards of getting […]

Darcy Burke, 52

Darcy Burke, 52 Darcy Burke at age 52

“Beauty is about happiness and joy and that’s what my family is. I feel the most beautiful with my children.” Darcy, USA Today Bestselling Author of Contemporary and Historical Romance, is mother to two children, a wife of 30+ years with an array of rescue cats. She is a self-described expert at folding laundry, doing […]

Ann Scott, 56

Ann Scott, 56 Ann Scott at age 56

“As a younger person, I felt being attractive had mostly physical qualities, however now that I am more mature I feel attractiveness is much more personality than physical qualities.” Ann finds pure joy in retirement and life with her husband; she is dabbling in almost anything she can get her hands on – from paint […]

Mary Davis, 76

Mary Davis, 76 Mary Davis at age 76

“My grandmother was right. “Pretty is as pretty does.” True beauty comes from within. I love seeing more and more plus size women who are confident and comfortable in their own skin. Attractive = pleasing to all my senses.” Not only is Mary proud of being known to others as dependable, she is also a […]

Susan Trezise, 66

Susan Trezise, 66 Susan Trezise at age 66

‘Every single person is dealing with something at some time. You can’t avoid the tragedies of life. And many, many have a much heavier load in life. So be kind. Be helpful.’ Susan is described by others as kind, compassionate and fun loving. She has a deep-seated inclination to be kind to everyone. Susan experienced […]